Creating A Great Backyard Experience

There is nothing better than having a large backyard where you can play, run around and just enjoy a good cookout.  For many homeowners, putting time and effort into creating a great backyard deck ashland va oasis gives them pride in their accomplishments.  Having a great deck will allow you so many options when using your backyard.

The layout

The layout of your yard in most cases will be fairly simple.  Most homes are built with a square or rectangle shaped area.  What will make your yard different is what is currently growing there.  Do you have trees?  How about a lot of rocks?  Do you have sloping hills or lots of holes created from animals.

To maximize your space, you want to look at your layout and decide on where you will want to do what.  If you are lucky and you have a uniform space with little distractions, then you can dive right in and start creating.

Size of your deck

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The size of your deck is very important as well.  You want to have a large enough deck to entertain and have people sit and relax, but you don’t want to have something that is so massive that you are just wasting space.  The size of your deck should be determined by the size of the back of your home where your sliding doors are. 

Seating area

The next component that you should look at will be the seating area.  If you plan on entertaining a lot of people, then having enough standing and seating area is important.  If you just plan on being you and your immediate family then having massive amount of seating isn’t needed.


From here you want to deal with your lighting.  When it comes to lighting you want to have something that gives enough light to see but isn’t so bright that it illuminates the neighborhood or where you plan to sit.  When you have lots of light you will attract bugs, which at the end of the day is not desirable.